My afternoon train reads:

• Markets Price in Fed Rate Changes Long Before They Happen (Real Time Economics)
• The Costs of Working Too Much (New Yorker) but see The “middle class” myth: Here’s why wages are really so low today (Salon)
WTF headline of the day: Buffett Makes Millions Selling 500-to-1 Monkey-Linked Derivatives (Bloomberg)
• Wall Street Banks Remain Vulnerable on Derivatives Five Years After Financial Crisis (WSJ) see also The ‘too big to fail’ problem just got worse (Telegraph)
• Some People Love Money So Much They Can’t Live Without It (Bloomberg)
• With New Thinking and Technology, Some Businesses Get Creative With Pricing (NY Times)
• Prosecutors Balk, Bankers Walk (Bloomberg)
• How do you mend a broken cellphone screen? There’s more ways than one (WSJ)
• The NFL’s $1 Billion Headache Isn’t Going Away (Fiscal Times)
Hilarous:  20 Signs You’re A FLID: F*cking Long Island D-bag (Elite Daily)

What are you reading?


Newbies Learn Ropes About Higher Rates From Old Hands

Source: WSJ


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5 Responses to “10 Midweek PM Reads”

  1. Willy2 says:

    Is this video suitable for publication on “The Big Picture” ?

  2. hue says:

    Dynamic, Creative Pricing is an interesting story. Duffy Realty is hated by other Atlanta realtors (based on my anecdote of one), skimming their margins, but the days of agents splitting 6% are numbered.

    Bee Deaths May Stem From Virus, Study Says (NYTimes)

    No, the Chinese internet did not somehow get re-routed to a small house in Wyoming (GigaOm) Trust before you retweet? How do you verify information in the stream?

  3. louiswi says:

    No the NFL’s headache isn’t going to go away. We’ll know when the pain gets too difficult however. When some of the 31 owners start to offer their teams public ownership, we’ll know they have capitulated.
    Watch for IPO’s of NFL teams. I can see it now. “A chance to be part owner of your favorite team. Just like the packer fans.” I’m pretty confidant we’ll see it.