My afternoon train-reading:

• Janet Yellen: The Sixteen Trillion Dollar Woman (Time) see also Will history look kindly on Ben Bernanke? (The Week)
• Pot Shares Rally 1,700% as Speculators See Green (Bloomberg)
• The Post-Crash Rebound, Not Job Growth, Drove 2013 Price Gains (Trulia Blog)
• The PC is dead, and this year’s CES proves it (Washington Post)
• Bank of America Merrill Lynch slashes gold call to $1,150 and warns it could get uglier (MarketWatch)
• The real Chris Christie traffic scandal you’ve forgotten (LA Times) see also Chris Christie’s problem is that he’s really, truly a bully (Washington Post) see also
• Silicon Valley’s New Spy Satellites (The Atlantic)
• Top Ten Things Bob Gates was Wrong about, Some Criminal (Juan Cole)
• Gervais: Be a Cocky Little Nobody (Time)
• The glassware that will change your (wine-drinking) life (WSJ)

What are you reading?


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3 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. theexpertisin says:

    Coincidentally to this post, I was on the phone (generally on hold) for over ninety minutes with BC/BS to resolve insurance issues (no bill, no insurance cards, not sure of daughter was, indeed, insured). All three reps I spoke with said the system was congested with confused or “mad as hell” clients. One laughed, stating.”what do you expect?” On the bright side, my issues were ultimately resolved satisfactorily.

    Perhaps the term “drive-by media” is proven by the above graph.

  2. S Brennan says:

    Juan Cole missed one very important “wrong”, so make it 11 “screw ups” for Mr. Gates

    William Casey, Robert Gates & George Bush were publicly identified by the newly formed Russian Government as being involved with negotiating a delay in the return of the Iranian hostages in order to facilitate the election of Reagan. In most countries, a civil servant, particularly one working for a spy agency, who engages in espionage, and acts against his government is a traitor. One very important “wrong” to leave out.


    “The Russian report also implicates other prominent Republicans in the Iranian contacts, including the late William Casey (who was Reagan’s campaign director in 1980), George H.W. Bush (who was Reagan’s vice presidential running mate), and Robert Gates (who in 1980 had been a CIA officer on the National Security Council before becoming executive assistant to Carter’s CIA Director Stansfield Turner)….Casey, who served as Reagan’s first CIA director, died in 1987 before the 1980 allegations came under scrutiny. Bush, who was President during the task force’s 1992 inquiry, angrily denied the accusations at two news conferences but was never questioned under oath. Gates, who was CIA director in 1992 and is now President Barack Obama’s Defense Secretary, also has brushed off the suspicions.”