My afternoon train-reading:

• Ten quotes on the question of financial bubbles (Abnormal Returns)
• Fresh off a beating, gold bulls are getting back in the ring. (WSJ)
• Ten Innovations From CES You Should Know About (Businessweek)
• Top Samsung Analyst Predicts Stock Wipeout Will Deepen (Bloomberg)
• Borrowers Are the Winners in Low-Rates Era (WSJ) see also As long as low rates remains on the table, it’s hard to fault companies, borrowers and banks for imbibing (WSJ)
• Meet the former Microsoft employee who wants to liberate liberal data (Washington Post) but see Here Comes the Anti-Government Left (New Republic)
• Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories (Scientific American)
• NSA phone-data mining prevents few attacks, group says (Washington Post)
• Pre-recession study predicted historic labor market drop (Fortune)
• Scandal or no, Chris Christie Was Never Going to Be President Anyway (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?


Wall Street Predicts $50 Billion Bill to Settle U.S. Mortgage Suits

Source: DealBook


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