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3 Responses to “Architecture Billing Index”

  1. rj chicago says:

    Being a licensed architect in Chicago – I can bear witness to the DECIMATION of the ranks of architects in the last 5 years. Following the over indulgence in building up to five years ago – near 1/3 of architects since that time are out of the profession most likely to never return. It has been a purge on a scale I have not seen in my working years going back to the late 70′s. Not pointing fingers – just data.
    I credit Kermit Baker’s work – what it shows over time is the utter gutting out of a sector of the economy that has not recovered in the supposed economic recovery we keep hearing about. As our nation ages and without a credible policy on immigration – I wonder whether the demand for various types of buildings will be needed on a scale we had known.

    There is a good article – I scanned it today in a publication titled “Architect” titled ‘What’s Next – the Market”. Might be worth picking up if you have a moment.

    Peace and out.

  2. Singmaster says:

    Anecdote from Residential Monterey County CA (Pebble Beach). We tried to hire an architect in Oct 2013. He said he could not even consider us until Dec. We decided to wait for him. He came over mid-Dec to meet with our surveyor and left with one thing on his To-Do list: Send us a preliminary contract. We received no communication. After the first business week of 2014 passed with nothing, we decided to move. Now we’ve hired our 2nd choice and she’s another 2-3 weeks before she can start.

  3. Alex says:

    I’d love to see a 20 year graph of this, plotted together with the price of an REIT index. My guess is they would be coincident indicators, as both would lead the actual market.