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One Response to “Better times for the music industry”

  1. KevinM says:

    Admittedly I have not read their reasoning, but it’s hard to believe “download to own” will be ahead of “digital subscriptions” after a few more years.

    The former category is a hangover from people who’ve owned physical media, like me. I listened to Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” off of vinyl, casette tape, CD, iPod, iPhone. Thats a progression of ownership. The next generation is on a progression of disposable consumption.

    The current generation interested in music they don’t already “own” is mostly under 30. Remember, Napster came out fifteen years ago, when these kids were just learning to think. Personalized music is not a mix tape you feed into a slot on the dashboard anymore, its access to whatever sound you want whereever and whenever you want it.

    If we’re going to be storing all our data on the cloud, why would we be running around with music on memory sticks?