O.M.G. How gorgeous is this little beastie ?

Source: Classic Driver

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13 Responses to “Blue Ferrari 275 GTB/4 (Paris auction)”

  1. chartist says:

    I can only imagine that the experience of driving this car is better than sex.

    • supercorm says:

      Its probably like sex, not better, because when its good, its great, and when its bad, well, its still pretty good !

  2. stonedwino says:

    Ferrari “Dino” as it was nicknamed. I remember my ride in one as a kid way back in 1974.. It was Gunther Netzer’s car, while my father was the coach of Real Madrid at the time…memorable in more ways than one and it was a blue one, just like the pictures.

  3. stonedwino says:

    BR: Not to be confused with the 6 cyclinder Dino “Ladies” car – I stand corrected…

  4. flocktard says:

    Unusual color for this model. This was the THE top performance car in it’s day.

  5. s1gins says:

    Have to disagree that these were ever referred to as a Dino perhaps in Spain but no where else. Dino was reserved for the lower rung Ferraris that were mid-engined and had less then 12 cylinders (though more likely 6). This was the big dog Ferrari of its day…

  6. formerlawyer says:

    Where are the cupholders?

  7. Robert M says:

    Somewhere there is a box w/ my slot car version of this car. It’s always the lines.
    As to cupholders, in this car you’ve no time for a sip of anything while driving. That’s for when you arrive at your destination w/ all eyes on ya as you take the basket out