This map matches the value of an entire countries’ listed firms (in total) versus the cap of a single company.

Source: Economist

Category: Digital Media, Valuation

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4 Responses to “If Company Market Caps = Countries’ Listed Firms”

  1. odnalro zeraus says:

    The sad part is that the corporations employ a better leadership and management than the counties involved.

  2. awealthofcommonsense says:

    It seems that many commentators take this to mean these stock markets are far too undeveloped (which could be true), but don’t you think you could also make the case that emerging markets are like small caps that have tons of growth and a long runway ahead of them?

  3. intlacct says:

    The reward (and risk) for investing in emerging economies for the past 15+ years has been great. Just remember to harvest some gains periodically and be prepared for huge dips.