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5 Responses to “Dog’s Evolution”

  1. drewburn says:

    Actually, dogs ARE wolves: European Grey Wolves. They are Biologically (dif. in DNA minor) indistinguishable. Big question, evolutionarily is when domestication began. Evidence is they are by far the earliest domesticated animal: Current dates are to around 35,000 years, which is circa the emergence of Homo sapien sapien & the era where Neandrathal disappeared from the fossil evidence (though not the DNA evidence, since some of their genes are in “us.”

  2. Toktora says:

    The evidence supporting the notion that dogs came from European wolves is based on their mitochondrial DNA. This is a relatively small bit of DNA contained within intracellular organelles and is passed on ONLY by the mother. A new paper recently published looked at the rest of the DNA in the cell, which would represent both maternal and paternal origins. They found a MUCH more complex story, with modern dogs largely being descendent from an extinct population of wolves. However they also found evidence of multiple hybridization events between dogs and several wolf populations. A report of this research in the popular press can be found at:

  3. RW says:

    Read a fascinating article a few years back explaining how dogs could vary so much from each other in appearance (phenotypically) and yet have relatively little genotypic variation and it has to do with how few genes it takes to alter a major feature. For example the difference between a dog with a very short face like a bulldog or pug and one with a very long face like a collie or seluki is just one allele that affects the rate at which bones in the face grow; i.e., skull shape can appear dramatically different with a very ‘minor’ genetic change.

    NB: The latest evidence strongly suggests that dogs evolved from a wolf strain that is now extinct; i.e., dogs are no more similar to Grey wolves than wolves elsewhere in the world but are very similar to each other so the more likely scenario is that dogs and modern wolves had a common ancestor and began to diverge earlier in time than originally suspected.

  4. VennData says:

    GMO Animals. Where is the outrage?

  5. NoKidding says:

    Makes sense that dogs are selectively bread from some form of wolf, but the graphic is just groups of similar looking dogs in a circle around a wolf head and a banner add for evolution.

    Should be done on a world map, starting from one or several locations, with dates and lines of migration. It would be fun to discover independant domestications in different places with different results, and the cross breads created when they met, if that’s part of the story. Maybe good data’s not available. Even something like average size vs time and location would be informative. The puppy circle is just slapped together science fair —-.

    It’s a fun topic. Almost worth doing the work to fill in whats missing. If I can do it, Ill throw it on a blog page. It’s easier to criticize than to do the work.