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5 Responses to “Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3D”

  1. farmera1 says:

    Humbling, beautiful, inspiring.

    Sitting looking out across the fields of the midwest covered with 24 inches of wind blown snow and temps sub-zero F, this video stirs deep down in my insides. It is amazing how little we know, how little we understand, how small we are. Religion works to fill the voids. Science works to fill the voids. And man stumbles on, not really knowing. It is amazing how much we just have to accept. How much we find out we don’t know. How much we are forced to accept things as they are. But we as humans continue to both grasp or reject things that are not there.

  2. wrongtrade says:

    that’s insane. I would give anything to understand what the hell all this means and what the hell we’re doing here.

  3. Iamthe50percent says:

    Question for religious conservatives: Do you think the God that you say created this really gives a damn about who is having sex with whom or who is married to whom? Or how many? Or what we eat? Or if a woman has an abortion? Do you really?

  4. mllange says:

    Answer from one religious conservative: yup, yup, not much, yup and yup.

  5. Mathuze says:

    This being a financial blog I hesitate to pursue a theological discussion, but 50% begs for a response. In a word yes.

    Who writes computer code without considering every line and ensuring proper syntax? Who writes anything using words without considering each one? In fact, choosing every letter, not only to not appear illiterate, but insuring every letter is korekt and the meaning is as attended. Who builds a house without ensuring every drywall screw is placed in the center of the studs, and the hot water is connected to the left faucet. Who balances their financial statements, and upon discovering a $39.49 mystery charge, moves it to their “I’m to busy to bother with such trivial BS” account?

    So – yes I do think God cares about the details of his creation. Every screw, every connection, and every line of the genetic code.