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At the start of each quarter, my inbox is brightened with The Big Book of Charts – or as it is formally known, JP Morgan’s interactive “Guide to the Markets.” You can download the full PDF here.

It contains about 70 pages of equity, fixed income, economic and asset class charts that are delightful to look at, and thought-provoking as well.


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2 Responses to “JPM’s Big Book of Interactive Fun!”

  1. constantnormal says:

    Nice. I haven’t yet found the time to thoroughly study it, but a quick glance brought me to the S&P 500 leverage chart (Debt:Equity), and I found that one chart to be the biggest impediment to my holding any fears of a market meltdown anytime soon.

    While it is limited in scope (going back only as far as 1994), we are so far below any point reported since that time, combined with my belief that excessive leverage is a necessary feature of any market meltdown, that I cannot manage to support my (considerable) concerns about the structural weaknesses of our economy bringing us down …

    Unless … unless the folks who put that chart together are buying the nonsense of our financial industry’s contention that their ginormous swaps positions are “perfectly hedged”, with the net swaps liabilities balancing out at near-zero … “perfectly hedged” is one of those phrases guaranteed to make me put a hand on my wallet, like “portfolio insurance”, or “zero-risk” …

    • constantnormal says:

      … I would feel much more complacent if swaps were to be outlawed for publicly-traded companies.