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Last week, we discussed the increasing odds of a 10 percent correction in U.S. equity markets. At the end of the week, markets had a 90/90 downside day, something that has technical significance if you are inclined in that direction. The expectations that follow a 90/90 day are for a bounce and a further retreat.

Given the deep red state of futures this morning, things seem to be playing out according to that probability.

But before panic sets in, let me throw a series of random ideas at you that might be worth considering before going home for the weekend . . .


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4 Responses to “Look Out Below, Post-Bounce Random Edition”

  1. Concerned Neighbour says:

    BR, you forgot that worse than expected earnings/revenues, earnings warnings, and declining disposable income are positive for “markets”.

    As I’ve said before, we will know the “short-term” market manipulation is over and done with when bad news starts being reflected in asset prices. I see no evidence this is happening.

  2. 4whatitsworth says:

    I ejected on my initial Emerging Markets positions as you say “don’t be afraid to take a loss”. I believe that Technology is in a type of golden age like the automotive industry in the 50′s so I think those valuations are justified. As far as the rest of the market goes I am not sure what do do with cash in a rising interest rate environment. There is a theory that the yield on the 10year should match GDP so I think I am going to be very cautious until this matches up.