From Bloomberg Visual Data:

NASA will complete a $350 million tower to test rocket engines for a program that was canceled in 2010. The A-3 test stand will be finished early this year at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Its funding survived thanks to Senator Roger Wicker, a Republican from that state who supported the test stand’s completion even though NASA doesn’t need it.

Source: Bloomberg Visual Data

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12 Responses to “NASA’s Defunct Project Survives on Mississippi Pork”

  1. rd says:

    At least he is making sure that the undeserving poor and unemployed are not getting unearned handouts from the government.

  2. louiswi says:

    Well at least that money didn’t go to no dad gummed welfare queens. Senator’s district contributors excepted of course.

  3. Iamthe50percent says:

    I blame Obama for canceling the Constellation program. At least we will have a test stand in case a future President decides that technology is more important than protecting TBTF banks. But we will probably staff it with Asian contractors.

  4. barbacoa666 says:

    That’s not exactly correct. The Constellation Program was killed, but many of the components were continued as individually managed projects. The net result is that for the most part, Constellation lives on in reduced form, and a slower rate of development. Namely, the effect The Ares I was cancelled, but the Orion capsule continues to be developed, and Ares V essentially lives on as the Space Launch System (SLS).

    The A-3 test stand is being built to test the J-2X engine being developed for SLS. However, development of the J-2X is reportedly stopping in 2014 due to a lack of funds.

    So, maybe now the A-3 is not needed. But maybe they have other customers lined-up for it.

  5. Orange14 says:

    No surprise here. Most all of the former Confederate states are takers rather than givers when it comes to federal funding vs taxes paid. The good Governor of Louisiana and potential presidential candidate got a cool $14B following Hurricane Katrina to help rebuild the flood control system in New Orleans. Why didn’t he ask his fellow Louisianans to kick in money for this? Ooops, that’s right it would have involved a tax increase on them.

  6. mpetrosian says:

    Iamthe50percent, um………….wow.

  7. As I noted last week, what gives this story special flavor is that Wicker opposed increasing the debt ceiling in January 2012, and he has supported a balanced budget amendment to restore fiscal responsibility to “an out-of-control Congress requiring them to live under the same budget constraints as families and businesses.”

    Dig into virtually anyone of these budget alarmists and you will find a . . . hypocrite.

  8. gordo365 says:

    That looks like a “rocket to nowhere…”

  9. ilsm says:

    Not all pork is as inocuous as useless rocket engine test cells, some of it gets US soldiers and innocent civilains killed in wars to sell more pork barrel weapons.

    Deficit scolds are only concerned with the money that goes to needy people, crony capital pork is “good spending”, SS surpluses paid for a lot of discretionary “good spending” pork until the boomers began retiring sooner than planned due to the great recession.

    NASA is mainly pork. SLS is pork! Space Station is NASA clone of a DoD wastefest, overruns, delays and extending life to make it look useful………………

    Nearly 40% of US outlays go to discretionary which is a large portion of pork.

    The pork over at FAA has scheduled passenger aircraft under “terminal control” landing on the wrong airports!

  10. LeftCoastIndependent says:

    Workfare for PhD’s