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8 Responses to “New Population of the US in Units of Canadas”

  1. MaxMax says:

    LOL You should be so lucky.

  2. boveri says:

    In terms of an instructional message, I’ve deduced that 10 Canadas translate into a Canadian population exceeding 30 million. Hmn, more than I thought.

  3. LiberTea says:

    By the population densities implied by the relative areas, the Northwestern block most resembles the neighbor to the north.

  4. just-sayin says:

    @boveri- yep factor of 10…Canadians are used to just about any numerical comparison between US and Canada as being ‘about a factor of 10′.
    @libertea -you are correct if you average out the population density over the whole geography of Canada. However, a very high percentage of Canada’s population (I think about 80% or more) lives in a strip about 50 miles wide along the US border (not including Alaskan border).

  5. patfla says:

    What with China and India, it’s easy to forget that the US is the 3rd most populous nation in the world.