Powerful ad from New Zealand about excessive speed

No one should pay for a mistake with their life. When we drive, we share the road with others, so the speed we choose to travel at needs to leave room for any potential error.

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3 Responses to “Slow Down”

  1. louiswi says:

    Man I love this video. Speed kills. Speeding is best left to the track, not on a highway you are sharing with others. Thanks for posting Barry.

  2. Winchupuata says:

    Those final moments remind me of a scene in House MD when House and a female doctor get in an accident in a bus. I actually had a nightmare with that.

  3. WallaWalla says:

    Thanks for sharing this public service announcement.

    My impression is that, in general, people do not understand the non-linear relationship between kinetic energy and velocity. If the speed of your vehicle doubles, the kinetic energy quadruples. This is exactly the reason crashes at 80mph are so much more severe than crashes at 40mph.