At the bottom of a nickel mine near Sudbury, Ontario, scientists at one of the world’s most sophisticated particle physics observatories are investigating one of the biggest mysteries of the cosmos: What is dark matter? Science correspondent Miles O’Brien helps to shed some light on the research at SNOLAB.

Scientists search for understanding of dark matter in deep underground lab

Source: PBS

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3 Responses to “SNOLAB: In Pursuit of Dark Matter”

  1. No better place to look for dark matter than at the bottom of a mine. Ha Ha Ha

  2. wtcombs says:

    I am glad to see there is a US facility. Otherwise, I would suggest we just go ahead and change the name of “dark matter” to “Jesus matter”, which would obviously sit well with religious sects (ahem, Christians) towards further funding.

  3. otinokyad says:

    @wtcombs… The last time I checked Sudbury, Ontario, was in Canada. If you drill down into the SNOLAB website (ahem,, it is decidedly not a US facility. There is not even a hint of a US presence under governance or funding sources. Maybe we could generalize your suggested name change even more: “ignorance matter.” That would cover not only this trivial example but pretty much every topic on which B.R. writes so helpfully and lucidly.