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4 Responses to “The Productivity Paradox: Is Technology Failing or Fueling Growth?”

  1. constantnormal says:

    … “growth” from advancing technology is due to an enhancement of the efficiency of the classical pyramid of labor … when advancing technology begins to eat away at the labor pyramid, it has moved beyond the socio-economic models based on large numbers of humans working to support themselves AND an upper crust of “wealthy elites” … the problem is, we have made no efforts whatsoever toward developing socio-economic models that deal with the fate of the 99.9%, when the 0.1% are no longer dependent upon the 99.9% for their incomes and wealth … technology is still working just fine, it is our socio-economic machinery that is breaking down.

  2. wisegrowth says:

    Come on Barry, the slowdown in productivity is too easy to explain…. Whenever the economy hits the effective demand limit, productivity comes to a standstill, normally from 2 to 4 years. It has been happening for decades. .
    Here is a post with graphs… This is just too simple. It’s about labor share being a demand limit upon production.

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