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4 Responses to “The Road Ahead”

  1. cbatchelor says:

    What? OK, if you have a real biz (Main St) the road is flat and sure to be difficult so you must take it slow and be tough? But, if you are an investor the road is smoother but, what?… The up and down is returns? So Main St returns are flat, but Wall St returns don’t go underground? Huh? Or is Wall St here large corporations? Main St small biz? Then,…. Whatever, in any case I fail to see a “therefore.” It is not funny or insightful, this cartoon is worse than useless, except you can let confirm what you believe, whatever you might believe. That is always handy.

    • rd says:

      I think the point here is that the market roads may be bumpy for Wall Street companies but the solvency of those companies is maintained with loving care by the central bankers and the regulators. The rest of us are left to fend for ourselves with untended physical and economic infrastructure.

      • constantnormal says:

        this toon needs a collapsed bridge or two along the “Main Street” route … and a toll gate for access to the Wall Street thoroughfare … also a blizzard along “Main Street” … lose the palm trees along the commoners’ route …

  2. Greg0658 says:

    for the www record .. I saw/heard the comment for this cartoon somewhere and this will be paraphrased:
    (for better/worse)
    “the Wall Street Market is like a rollercoaster – you get off when you barf all your money”