Only a FOOL Still Believes the NSA


The NSA and other intelligence officials have been repeatedly caught lying about their spying programs.

Officials in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government all say that the mass surveillance on Americans is unnecessary:

  • 3 Senators with top secret clearance “have reviewed this surveillance extensively and have seen no evidence that the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records has provided any intelligence of value that could not have been gathered through less intrusive means”

A member of the White House review panel on NSA surveillance said he was “absolutely” surprised when he discovered the agency’s lack of evidence that the bulk collection of telephone call records had thwarted any terrorist attacks.“It was, ‘Huh, hello? What are we doing here?’” said Geoffrey Stone, a University of Chicago law professor….

“That was stunning. That was the ballgame,” said one congressional intelligence official, who asked not to be publicly identified. “It flies in the face of everything that they have tossed at us.”

The conclusions of the panel’s reports were at direct odds with public statements by President Barack Obama and U.S. intelligence officials.

Top terrorism and security experts also agree, saying that:

Indeed, the NSA itself no longer claims that its mass spying program has stopped terror attacks or saved lives. Instead, intelligence spokesmen themselves now claim that mass spying is just an “insurance policy” to give “peace of mind”.

But given that mass surveillance by governments on their own people have always been used – for at least 500 years – to crush dissent, that the NSA has a long history of spying on Congress for political purposes, and that high-level NSA whistleblowers say that the NSA is using spying to blackmail politicians and social critics and to prosecute people the government dislikes, the question is whose peace of mind the programs preserve

And while the NSA claims that disclosure of its spying programs hurts America’s security, that’s what authoritarians always say. For example:

  • When leakers disclosed that the FBI was conducting mass spying on – and smearing – anti-war Americans, attorney general John Mitchell said that the leaks would “endanger” the lives of government agents

So how can anyone believe the NSA at this point?

Unfortunately, fear of terror makes people unable to think straight … and when the government undertakes a large, idiotic project – like launching the Iraq war – many people will go to great lengths to grasp at straws to try to rationalize the government’s ill-conceived campaign.

The minority of Americans who believe the NSA have – sadly – fallen for the same trick

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7 Responses to “Why Does Anyone Still Believe the NSA?”

  1. ilsm says:

    Everything coming out of Washington DC is a lie.

    Obama skepticism was absolutely correct Gates, normal Sec Defs and the generals are con artists, that they are chagrined is more the power of their scam……….. and top level con artists’ complicity.

  2. ricardoalifernandez says:

    Well written. Regarding those who want support for public office they first need to publicly support the bipartisan issue of recognizing the last sixty plus years of the abusive application of the state secrets privilege doctrine and related doctrine and policy abuses and then supporting legislation to make it far more difficult and onerous to continue this abuse. Like H.R. 3361/S.1599.
    That being said, my own conclusion is that contrary to every executive branch actions since WWII, the pedophile component of the intelligence gathering operations should not be cloaked or protected by the iron curtain called the state secrets privilege doctrine and related doctrines and policies.

  3. postpartisandepression says:

    And so the question is how do we stop them – can’t count on congress to pass a law though it shoudl be a bipartisan one. Can’t count on Obama not to veto it- unless we can make him believe it will help him personally in some way because he is always looking for a pocket to be in.

    Actually we need all our privacy laws updated and perhaps treated as mail is- it is felony to open someone else’s mail and even the government does not have the right unless they get a warrant. All our electronic info should be treated that way and private companies should not be able to hold our information either. How could we, a country that purportedly values personal freedom not do this before now? Wish we had an NRA for this.

  4. louiswi says:

    Here is the real take-away. IT DOESN”T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. It doesn’t matter to the NSA if you believe them. It doesn’t matter to the NSA if congress believes them. It doesn’t matter if the President doesn’t believe them. It just does not affect and will not affect the NSA. They will continue to do whatever they do and nothing can stop them. Nothing. The same is true of the CIA. They are the ones running this country and they just do not give a crap about what the citizens think or want. In fact, it is none of the citizens business. If you don’t believe it, just ask for an un-redacted document under the Freedom of Information Act. You will not get a single one.

    • Init4good says:

      louiswi: nice piece of truth, there. RE:’They are the ones running this country’ that is what happens when there is no national consensus, and no national voice. Some might argue that recent issues don’t warrant a national movement, but the truth is any national political movement requires a voice. In this country, there used to be independent voice which could be expressed in regional newspapers. Not anymore: they are all controlled by the same owners with their talking heads – no level of original thinking is expressed. I wonder when americans will wake up?

  5. James Shannon says:

    Power corrupts and Absolute Power – well it does whatever it wants to whomever it chooses!
    World History 101. In America we are FREE – free to be stolen from, lied to, and used!