I did a short interview with Pete Dominick of XMSR. I thought the discussion on Google’s acquisition of Next was the best part of our chat:

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4 Responses to “XMSR Stand Up with Pete! Interview”

  1. EdMcGon says:

    Pete was about to ask you what you thought Google is worth, and then he sidetracked himself. So what do you think it’s worth?

    Also, you were kind to the marijuana stocks. I will frequently take a small position in a penny stock, but every marijuana stock I looked at, with the notable exception of medical marijuana stocks (but those are really more biotech stocks in my opinion), was total garbage. What potential is there isn’t justified by the huge risks, which are heavy even by penny stock standards. When I buy a penny stock, I want a potential gamechanger, and most marijuana stocks are in fields that could easily be entered into by much larger companies.

  2. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Good commentary about Nest, one of the first to mention what I think is the most important aspect of the acquisition, what you called “toehold in the household”.

    Sure, by acquiring Nest, google got patents, a cool thermostat and smoke detector. But google also got an infrastructure for the household portion of the “internet of things.” Nest already has the servers in place that communicate with the Nest devices, and connect those Nest devices to smartphones, browsers, etc.

    In effect, google has purchased an application development platform for future devices in the household.

    imo, it google is smart (and I think they are), google will provide an interface into this platform that other household device providers can use and exploit for their own devices. For a small license fee, those providers can hook in to the google infrastructure. Having that infrastructure available sooner than later may have been a large reason for google’s make vs buy decision regarding Nest.

    Just as Android supports app developers, google’s Nest infrastructure can support household internet-enabled devices.

    My $0.02.

  3. constantnormal says:

    … bit of a Freudian slip there, Google acquired Nest, not Next

  4. Greg0658 says:

    I hope parents of the future are raise’g the type of kid that the corpoGov world would like to hire after graduating 8th grade .. starvation if not … to grid or not to grid – that is the question