FOMC Hawk Dove Spectrum


I always enjoy the intro of all the players in the Superbowl (though not as much as Key & Peele’s).

Perhaps it is time to review all the players in the FOMC, given upcoming personnel changes. Michael Hanson at Bank America Merrill Lynch notes some of these changes

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2 Responses to “Your New 2014 FOMC !”

  1. Iamthe50percent says:

    Hawkish – Dovish but for which goal. I’m probably out of date, but at least at one time the Fed had two contradictory goals, namely full unemployment and controlling inflation. A hawk on one would be a dove on another. Right now, those of us on the bottom of society are feeling raging inflation in our everyday purchases – food, gasoline, state and local taxes, while seeing our kids and grandkids with zero chances of employment. No doubt it looks much brighter at the top.

    • Iamthe50percent says:

      “Full unemployment” What a Freudian Slip! Missed some punctuation there too. Man, I really need to be put out to pasture.