My end of week reading:

• Everything Is Awesome! (Reformed Broker)
• Men vs. Women: Investment Decisions (Black Rock) see also Mars, Venus and the Handling of Money (NY Times)
• The 100 Most Innovative Technology Firms (Housing Wire)
• Can the Bond Rally Continue? (Fidelity) see also Gold Bugs Return After Last Year’s Rout (WSJ)
• The conspiracist of naked shorts is convicted of fraud (Crain’s New York)


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10 Responses to “10 Friday AM Reads”

  1. RW says:

    For the weekend:

    What Louis Armstrong Really Thinks

    Armstrong flatly stated in interviews that he refused to march, feeling that he would be a target. “My life is my music. They would beat me on the mouth if I marched, and without my mouth I wouldn’t be able to blow my horn … they would beat Jesus if he was black and marched.”

    …at the time, Armstrong’s more political views were rarely heard publicly. To the country at large, he insisted on remaining a breezy entertainer with all the gravitas of a Jimmy Durante or Dean Martin. Fortunately, that image is now being deeply reëxamined.

  2. hue says:

    A Flock of Drones (Nature) News You Can’t Deduce? Reddit, deleting Greenwald, is having the same problem as traditional media: Defining what the news is (GigaOm)

    A Severe Winter Breaks Budgets as Well as Pipes (NYTimes) This story focuses on water. In Detroit, an 1890 pipe burst, submerging streets in a 12-block radius as much as two feet. New Orleans was the city, with parts abandoned. Detroit 2. Parts of the Jersey Shore No. 3? California desert No. 4?

    Golden Gate Bridge hits milestone in 2013 with 46 suicides (Yahoo) A morbid story for Friday, one for the Manic Hour. Being scared of heights, I’m weirdly fascinated with jumpers. When I was at the Grand Canyon back in 1999, on a bus to one of the walking trails into the void, a guy that worked there said many people jump at the canyon. Maybe an urban legend, but they try to keep it out of the news. It was hard to recover the bodies at some spots, he said.

    Bob is still unemployed, the Turin rooftop racetrack is very cool.

  3. Concerned Neighbour says:

    Thanks for that link to Josh Brown’s piece. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Would have been even more hilarious if he’d pointed out how even blue chips are screaming overvalued, too. As long as Ms. Yellen thinks things are hunky dory though, we’re good.

    May I humbly suggest to our illustrious corporate investment media a new taxonomy for reporting on daily market movements:

    0-0.5% increase -> “small loss”
    0.51-2% increase –> “moderate gains”
    0.01% decrease –> “profit taking”
    0.02%- –> “correction”

    Really it’s not all that different from the playbook they’re using now.

  4. willid3 says:

    think only those who do repetitive work should worry about being replaced by a robot or a computer?

    think again

    seems computers can create new dishes. and can even write music

  5. thomas hudson says:

    actuary panel suggests increased reporting for public pensions:

    In a report to be released on Monday, the panel will recommend that pension actuaries provide plan boards of trustees and, ultimately, the public with the fair value of pension obligations and estimates of the annual cash outlays needed to cover them. That means pension officials would disclose something they have long resisted discussing: the total cost, in today’s dollars, of the workers’ pensions, assuming no credit for expected investment gains over the years.

  6. VennData says:

    O’Reilly ponders ‘downsides’ to women presidents