What a week. It’s almost over so pack the SPF 50, one day until vacation!

• How to Be a Better Valentine, Through Economics (Economix)
• 77 Reasons You’re Awful at Managing Money (Motley Fool) see also Warren Buffett is laughing at you for selling (MarketWatch)
• Robots won’t make you rich (for long) (FT Alphaville)
• Excluding Cash, Google Is Now More Valuable Than Apple (Ashraf Eassa) but see Apple Took 87 Percent of Mobile Phone Profits Last Quarter (IBD)

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11 Responses to “10 Friday Reads”

  1. hue says:

    When I Couldn’t Meet My Friends at Bars (Salon)

    The War Nerd: Google’s Big New Dog (Pando Daily)

    More and More Americans Think Astrology Is Science (MoJo) An Eccentric Millionaire’s 1875 Pork Map of the United States (Slate)

  2. WickedGreen says:

    Aww, gee … I was hoping to read more about the disaster-turned-zombie-turned-Frankenstein of AIG … and how the numero uno went on all the breathless noise outlets after the bell to discuss great “earnings” yesterday, and then a dividend hike … and then, after the interviews were over, how the scrolling tickers vomited up a ‘oh, yeah, by the way – we’re firing a bunch of people’.

    But, hey. At least the shareholders are happy.

  3. MayorQuimby says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that these patronizing “why you stink at x,y,z” are to be avoided at all costs. People need to make saving cash their number one priority and stop worrying about stocks, bonds, get-rich-quick gimmicks, 401Ks etc. Once they have a solid cash base they should then allocate into equities and bonds and other assets while still having cash leftover. Work hard and keep doing that and you’ll outpace 97% of your colleagues, bosses and many here-today-gone-tomorrow investors. And you won’t need more than a solid middle class wage and lotsa patience to do it.

  4. Singmaster says:

    Tom Perkins is back. Guess he missed the spotlight after he faded.
    Here’s the problem. I think these guys believe this. I think they believe that 50% of the population do not pay any taxes (answer: we all do–in one way or another) and that they believe that while we are all equal, some are more equal than others.
    Tom Perkins: You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes.

  5. formerlawyer says:

    A Texas threepeat:

    Bill Gates’ Texas investment goes bankrupt?

    He is back, Senator Cruz weighs in on marriage equality (gay marriage) further dooming the GOP.

    A Texas sportscaster comments on potential NFL draft pick coming out?

    • rd says:

      I think NBC should have Johnny Weir interview Ted Cruz to get his opinions on gay marriage and Canadian Patrick Chan’s silver medal in figure skating.

  6. rd says:

    So Tom Prkins believes that only people who pay taxes should be allowed to vote, so rich people will get way more votes:


    So a few questions here:

    1. Do only income taxes count or do FICA, Medicare, gasoline etc. taxes also count?
    2. Since corporrtions pay half of the FICA and Medicare taxes, along with gasoline and income taxes, then do they get votes? Or does the Chairman of the board get to cast additional votes?
    3. If you are not a citizen but pay taxes do you get to vote?

    It may be about time to allow wealthy people to buy some of our countries and states and give them titles like counts, dukes, lords etc. I think they would like that and it would be a good way to balance the budget. They could get together in some sort of assembly, maybe called the House of Lords, and select somebody to run the country with a new title, like king or something.

  7. WallaWalla says:

    Thank you for the articles!

    But, don’t pack the spf50; tune the skis and come up here to Vermont, the conditions are excellent :)

  8. Alex says:

    Fun for the weekend:


    I got Wyoming, which borders Idaho, where I live.

  9. willid3 says:

    maximizing share holders value? a myth !! no say it aint so!