Good morning, here’s what’s interesting:

• Yellen’s Debut as Chair (Tim Duy’s Fed Watch)
• Who are the Top 10 Hedge Fund Managers of All Time? (Reformed Broker) see also John Maynard Keynes’s Own Portfolio Not Too Dismal (NY Times)
• Why Are There Timeless Lessons That Do Not Get Arbitraged Away? (Advisor Perspectives)
• My annual investment mea culpas (Washington Post)


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8 Responses to “10 MidWeek AM Reads”

  1. hue says:

    Why Nutrition Is So Confusing (NYTimes)

    Netflix performance on Verizon and Comcast has been dropping for months (Ars Technica) Comcast is definitely throttling Netflix, and it’s infuriating (Matt Vukas)

    College Graduate First Person In Family To Waste $160,000 (The Onion)

  2. rd says:

    This is pretty funny. The top 1% suffer as much from income inequality as the bottom 99%.

    Wealth and income in the US has simply become fractal mathematics.

  3. VennData says:

    Gundlach says so many people are short bonds, that there is a solid chance they go way up…

    This stuff makes me laugh, pure comedy. So how are they short? Well they bought a short from somebody else who is then, long. Right. So actually there are as many longs as shorts. Duh….

    This is just complete wishful book talking.

  4. VennData says:

    ​Democrats pass bill to avoid government shut down.

    ​”…House Speaker John Boehner and many in his leadership team were among the 28 Republicans who joined with Democrats yesterday to pass a suspension of the debt ceiling until March 15, 2015. The vote was 221-201…”​

    Congratulations, America! Your deficit fell 37 percent in 2013

    Somebody needs to tell Ted Cruz, Paul Rand, and the rest of the GOP screwballs the facts.

  5. VennData says:

    There are four million job openings in America.

    Are all those people going to get health care? Hmmm. That’s a lot of Obama caring.

    Follow what businesses do, not what their Right Wing lobbyists in Washington say.

  6. VennData says:

    What happened to the GOP “Philosphy” about “getting government off our backs?

    State Senator Bo Watson, who represents a suburb of Chattanooga, warned on Monday that if VW’s workers voted to embrace the U.A.W., the Republican-controlled Legislature might vote against approving future incentives to help the plant expand.

    “The members of the Tennessee Senate will not view unionization as in the best interest of Tennessee,”

    The CEO of VW:

    Volkswagen is eager to have a German-style works council at the Chattanooga plant. The council would bring together managers and white- and blue-collar workers to help set factory policies and foster collaboration. Many labor experts say that to have a works council, employees first need to vote for a labor union to represent them. If the Chattanooga plant establishes a works council, it would be the first factory in the United States to do so.

    “Our works councils are key to our success and productivity,” said Frank Fischer, Volkswagen Chattanooga’s chief executive and chairman.

  7. romerjt says:

    Yup! David Thorn post is hilarious .. . I really did laugh out loud (oh yea, I forgot lol) I can just imagine running into David at a bar, hearing about this and never forgetting it . . . takes a while to read but it is so funny. (true or not doesn’t matter)

  8. Conan says:

    The numbers behind the labor participation rate are not showing the root cause for decline to be less participation of older workers. The reverse, the younger the worker the more the decline.