My afternoon train snow blowing reads:

• 5 tips for younger investors who are just starting out (Financial Post)
• Investors turn wary on US earnings growth (FT) see also Record S&P 500 Momentum Unwinding as China Quashes Euphoria (Bloomberg)
• How Goldman Sachs Rescued Libya (Daily Beast)• Five myths about the middle class (Washington Post)
• How a Trust Can Cut Taxes (WSJ)
• America’s future doctors are starting their careers by saving Wikipedia (Quartz)
• Confessions of a former Libertarian: My personal, psychological and intellectual epiphany (Salon) see also Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal (Salon)
• With Wall Street’s Support, Jeff Bezos Can Conquer the World Without Earning a Profit (Slate)
• Gates Seen Taking Bigger Products Role at Microsoft (Bloomberg)
• Downworthy: A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they really mean (Snipe)
• ‘Wacko Birds’ Cloud Republicans’ Election Euphoria (Bloomberg)

How was your commute?


US Banks Start to Ease Limits on Lending

Source: WSJ


Category: Financial Press

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4 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    you know that income inequity thing? did you know that the stats being used are per house hold, not per individual? and how that impacts them? consider in the ‘old’ days only the husband worked. now days it both husband and wife. and then of course expenses are higher.

    then there is the higher cost of education.

    and of course some thing not noted is that risk is now a great deal higher in families than its ever been. sort of like how business and finance like to avoid risk. now families have to do that too

  2. rd says:

    Apparently businesses are discovering that right-sized, out-sourced, under-employed workers spend less than they used to. Who would have thought? Hopefully somebody else’s company will step up to the plate to employ them more lucratively so that they will spend more money at your company. Meanwhile, selling to those Indian and Chinese consumers who have been building your products seems to be occurring slower than projected.

    • 873450 says:

      If not for 1% hauling in 95% of post-Great Recession income growth and spending so much of it on itself the U.S. would still be mired in financial crisis.

  3. xatta says:

    That browser plugin from Downworthy is amazing! It literally transformed my life!