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It came with a really clumsy name — Vision EfficientDynamics — and a very complicated surface design with entirely too many unrealistic show-car details (few really want to travel in a glass-sided car), but we and many of the industry’s top designers were greatly impressed by BMW’s 2009 Frankfurt show concept car. Four years later, with a simple Apple-like name — i8 — and simplified (but definitely not Apple-like) surfaces, BMW’s extreme expression of a possible and probable future for the automobile is a brilliant reality.

014-BMW-i8-right-side-view-02(1) 2014-BMW-i8-body-stripped 2014-BMW-i8-dash-2 2014-BMW-i8-dash 2014-BMW-i8-driver-seat-2 2014-BMW-i8-driver-seat 2014-BMW-i8-engine-2 2014-BMW-i8-engine 2014-BMW-i8-font-left-view-4 2014-BMW-i8-front-interior-2 2014-BMW-i8-front-interior 2014-BMW-i8-front-left-view-2 2014-BMW-i8-front-left-view-3 2014-BMW-i8-front-left-view-4 2014-BMW-i8-front-left-view 2014-BMW-i8-front-right-view-2 2014-BMW-i8-front-right-view-3 2014-BMW-i8-front-right-view 2014-BMW-i8-front-view 2014-BMW-i8-interiors-stripped 2014-BMW-i8-left-door-open 2014-BMW-i8-left-side-view-doors-open 2014-BMW-i8-left-side-view 2014-BMW-i8-rear-left-sisde-view-doors-open 2014-BMW-i8-rear-right-view-2 2014-BMW-i8-rear-right-view 2014-BMW-i8-rear-view-2 2014-BMW-i8-rear-view 2014-BMW-i8-rearview-mirror 2014-BMW-i8-right-side-view-2 2014-BMW-i8-right-side-view-doors-open 2014-BMW-i8-steering-wheel-2 2014-BMW-i8-steering-wheel 2014-BMW-i8-taillight BMW-i8-Coupe-left-front-1
Source: Automobile Magazine

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