Bill O’Reilly sits down with President Obama before the Super Bowl to discuss important components of the Fox scandal grab-bag.

Bill O’Reilly, President Obama, and the Super Bowl Pre-Show



President Obama deflects attention from his scandals by doing an interview with Fox about his scandals right before the most watched event in the history of television.

Appetite for Distraction


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4 Responses to “Appetite for Distraction”

  1. ricardoalifernandez says:

    Here is what needs to be discussed.
    Regarding those who want support/donations for public office they first need to publicly support the bipartisan issue of recognizing the last sixty plus years of the abusive application of the state secrets privilege doctrine and related doctrine and policy abuses and then supporting legislation to make it far more difficult and onerous to continue this abuse. In a small part like this federal legislative session’s bills H.R. 3361/S.1599.
    That being said, my own conclusion is that contrary to every executive branch since WWII, the shadow pedophile component of the intelligence gathering operations and other tax payer/rate payer funded abusive actions should not be cloaked or protected by the iron curtain called the state secrets privilege doctrine and related doctrines and policies.

  2. Willy2 says:

    I always love to watch he Daily Show. They can get away with these things cause they’re consiered to be comedians and have ZERO influence inside the Washington DC beltway.

  3. DeDude says:

    There is only so much attention that the world can dole out – off course Fox want it all to be focuses on their petty little navels. Off course each of those issues deserved a hearing and some national attention – and that is what they got. Other issues equally deserving of our attention (long-term unemployment anybody?) now should get their fair share of the limelight (unless your television station is a political hack-job factory).

  4. DeDude says:

    Fox is just trying to distract from the real issues of poverty, income inequality, and high long-term unemployment, by peddling these stale old trice-tjewed-over “scandals”.

    The last thing they would want to do is to inform people about important things such as the CBO report telling us that the ACA will allow 2 million people to leave their jobs (now that they are not hog-tied to it in order to have health care) and open up those 2 million jobs to those who are desperately looking for work. The ACA turns out to be the most successful jobs bill of this century although that was not the goal but simply a side-effect of that bill. How is Fox going to distract us from that fact?