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5 Responses to “Apple, Google, Microsoft: Where does the money come from?”

  1. Livermore Shimervore says:

    Re Apple, and software aside, can anyone else think of another technology company that grew to such heights that brought in nearly half of all its revenue from a single physical product rather than a series of products in that category? For instance, other than the Ford Model-T, what other company was able to sustain such an enormous market share with only one product offering? Logic will tell you that this can not possibly sustain when the competition are so close if not farther ahead on value and performance. Also, it shows that this is a very risky strategy for Apple because unlike the model T, today there are many more options in this tech space, than in Henry Ford’s era of just one extremely affordable car.

    • MidlifeNocrisis says:

      Here’s an anecdote… My grandfather absolutely loved his model-T. He used to tell me stories about how he raced other cars on a hill not far from his farm. The hill was very steep, so they raced in reverse. Apparently the car was faster on steep inclines that way. He bought Ford’s his whole life. There were 2 in his driveway when he died at the age of 90.

    • How do you think the differences in the marketing environment of the Model-T era versus the iPhone era affect the outcome? In other words, the marketing campaigns and branding for the Model-T were very different than for the iPhone. I don’t know how it would affect it, but would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. NoKidding says:


    The first answers to pop into my mind are Exxon, Barrick Gold, Michelin, Sikorsky, Boeing, and Intel.

    They all do a little of some other things, but Michelin’s pie chart will mostly have treads. What kind of treads with what name? WTF cares, its a black rubber hoop.

  3. willid3 says:

    the customer? its not from the 1%. otherwise there wouldn’t be a lot of sales