One of the more interesting aspects about the market in 2014 is how much it has managed to defy expectations. Consensus has been consistently wrong; indeed, it seems that any time there is an agreement of sorts on just about any issue, the opposite has happened.

Merrill Lynch’s legendary strategist Bob Farrell put together 10 Rules for Investing, and his rule #9 states that “When all the experts and forecasts agree — something else is going to happen.” That certainly seems to be the case so far in 2014.

Consider the following cherry picked anecdotes as, well, not evidence, but support of Farrell’s dictum:  Continues Here



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4 Responses to “Beware Consensus: When to Ignore the Investment Experts”

  1. DrFish says:

    my anecdotes tell me the vast majority is bullish

  2. Willy2 says:

    - But we have seen the bottom in interest rates in mid 2012 !!!! Perhaps we’ll see rates go a bit lower (e.g. 2.5% or 2% for the TNX) but the overall trend is – from now onwards – & IMO clearly UP !!!!
    - It sounds like one B. Ritholtz is now a bull ??? Or a “cautious” bull ?
    - Since the start of 2014 a number of my (credit market) indicators did make a turn for the worst.
    - Consensus ??? The consensus I see is still too bullish. (See above).

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