Nice looking Hybrid Electric car:

It could give Tesla a run for their money.


Caddy created a clever little commercial:

Introducing the first ever Cadillac ELR. You work hard, you create your own luck and just gotta believe, that ANYTHING is possible.

Learn more about the first ever Cadillac ELR


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Watch out Tesla, here comes Cadillac’s ELR (CNBC)

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15 Responses to “Cadillac ELR: ‘Work Hard’”

  1. constantnormal says:

    … finally, GM pulls its head out, and reverses its insane decision to begin their EV push at the low end of the product spectrum, when the technology uses (at least at this point in the ramp up) VERY expensive components (lithium batteries), driving the price up and margins negative … they should have (and now are) brought this technology out at the high end of the product spectrum, where there is plenty of room to bury the costs without also burying the profit …

    … the opening commercial is over-the-top and delusional, but that fits the customers they are targeting …

    … I doubt that this will “bury” Tesla, but at least they will have some decent competition, and competition always improves the breed and makes progress happen faster …

  2. FNG says:

    It’s cool that you share these auto links with us, but bro we want to know… are you getting paid to do this or are you getting compensated in anyway for us clicking the link?
    Since I don’t actually believe a man as busy as you responds to these comments….the following statement is for your intern minion.
    Minion, your failure to answer will in fact be considered a “Non denial denial” by Mr. Ritholtz.

    • Asked & Answered in the disclosures/terms of use section:

      12. Freebies, product placement, payola:

      I do not accept any “blog product placements” nor am I willing to accept blog payola. I have made a special exemption for any product manufactured by Ferrari S.p.A. from this rule.*

      As to “freebies,” there is already too long a queue of books patiently awaiting my attention. I don’t have time to read or review the vast majority of books out there. If you send me an unsolicited book, I will simply throw it away,

      Regular readers who have been around these parts for any length of time would recognize that most of the cars discussed here are either collectible, or absurdly priced — meaning they wouldnt pay for placement even if I were willing to accept it.

      * Meaning, yes, I would accept a Ferrari in exchange for placement. But thats my only exception!

  3. Willy2 says:

    And how many times does the car user let the electric motor power the car ? I know a country where the government was subsidizing the purchase of a hybrid car but A LOT OF car drivers were only interested in buying & driving a gasoline fueled car, they hardly used the electric motor at all.

  4. b_thunder says:

    ELR? Really? REALLY?

    Do you realize that ELR is a $36k Chevy Volt with different sheetmetal, shinier chrome grille, and almost (but not quite) luxury interior, for MORE than 2x the price of the Volt?
    They already did Allante, Catera and now – this. They never learn that putting lipstick on a pig of a car doesn’t make it true luxury car for which GM can charge 250% of the old car’s price!

    And what is Volt? It’s a true “pig” in terms of weight due to both IC engine (heavy, cheap, unsophisticated old-school GM engine) and battery packs that makes gasoline fuel mileage just awful! Even after government bribes paid to Volt buyers there is simply NO possible way a Volt driver can save $$ over a hybrid or a diesel. It’s simple: if you typically drive under 40 miles/day, you don’t drive enough miles to save enough $$ with electric drive to cover Volt’s price premium over Prius and VW diesels. If you drive more, the Volt’s gasoline fuel economy is so pathetic that even sub-20k cars like Civic and Corolla have better mileage.

    IMHO, buy this Cadillac if you want to impress your not-very-smart neighbor, but prepare to lose a ton when you decide to trade it in for a real luxury car.

    Finally, this car is NOT a threat to Tesla. What is, however, a real and present threat that to Tesla (and what IMHO makes TSLA a long-term “short”) described here:
    and here

    P.S. It was reported yesterday than for the 1st time in 15 years the Big 3′s quality has deteriorated. Like I already said, they never learn! They’re back to raising incentives, cost-cutting and resorting to gimmicks like ELR. The vicious spiral that ultimately will lead to bankruptcy may have just begun.

  5. dwkunkel says:

    Here in Silicon Valley the Tesla S is THE status car. It outsells the Mercedes S class and BMW 7 series by a large margin. I can’t imagine this electric Cadillac making even a tiny dent in Tesla’s market share.

    • The Window Washer says:

      I went to look at the Tesla site and was shocked by the repurchase guarantee.
      Suddenly “status” car takes front and center. Want to spend a grand a month for the attention factor?
      Hell yes if you’re a real estate agent. Way more impressive to drive clients around in than a Lexus.

  6. chartist says:

    I went to my local shopping mall and the store next to the Nordstroms was a Tesla store. Store access was only via inside the mall. I didn’t know Tesla was using shopping malls to market their cars, but seeing a car in a store within a shopping mall was interesting. The mall is the Kenwood mall in Kenwood, Ohio, one of the nicer suburbs of Cincinnati. And no, this Cadillac is no threat to the Tesla.

  7. Floyd Gondoli says:

    This ad is a brilliant filter; I see people loving it or being deeply offended. It exposes 2 basic types- those who believe they can achieve more through hard work, and those who’ve become fatalistic about life here. What’s ironic is that if you’re dumb enough to spend this kind of $$ on an ELR instead of a Tesla, you probably got wealthy through a big splash of luck.

  8. icantdance says:

    I prefer the Chrysler Dylan commercial
    or Tesla’s commercial ;)

  9. pniedent says:

    I think this is a pretty awful portrayal of the US and of France. Relying on stereotypes and cliches as a part of advertising will backfire on many levels. Here is a link to my blog on this ad, and heres to hoping that Cadillac pulls it very soon.