This is a lovely car (even if it is missing a proper 3rd pedal):

Here is what adding a turbo does to the specs:

Acceleration: 3.6 SEC 0-100KM/H
Maximum power 412 kW (560 cv) @ 7500 rpm
Maximum torque 755 Nm (77 kgm) @ 4750 rpm
Max Power 412 KW (560 cv)

Type 90° V8 with fuel direct injection
Total displacement 3855 cm3

More photos and video after the jump

Source: Ferrari

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15 Responses to “Ferrari California T”

  1. Herman Frank says:

    “Although it is missing a 3rd pedal”??!! Oh my! I’ll gladly take the discount ” ….. because it is missing that pedal”. A sleek beast of a car; it ticks all the right boxes. Thanks for the pics.

  2. Orange14 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! I think I like the blue color better than the traditional red. There is no list price for this one but I’m guessing upwards of $300K which I guess means that my portfolio has to go up by about 200% this year before I can consider buying one. :-)

  3. Paul Mathis says:

    Beauty’s Only Skin Deep

    Remember the best advice about Ferrari: If you ever get the urge to buy one, just lie down and wait until the urge goes away because maintenance and repair costs are insane (why do you think used Ferraries have such low mileage?).

    Also, the strong likelihood that the new Z06 (625+ HP) will out run this car, while giving you the choice of a 7 speed manual or 8 speed automatic, seems absurd.

    • The new Vette is the nicest car they have made — the interior is still a little cheap looking, but I would definitely consider it. Event he base convertible at $65k is a steal

      • Rift says:

        Interiors on the new Vettes (Stingray) are a monumental improvement from previous generations. Still not comparable to an Audi, Porsche, but it’s come a long way. Can’t get over the rear of the car though, the front is looking good though.

      • The Window Washer says:

        First time I saw a vette in the wild. I saw it coming up in my rear view and thought it was a Ferrari. When it got next to me “Holy Shit that’s the Vette”. Had a moment of patriotism. After a lifetime of crap sports cars.
        I bet some custom shop could redo the interior for 10k.

      • Rift says:

        No need to, put that $10k into the motor and you’ll have one hell of a car.

  4. rj chicago says:

    Still like the mid to late ’60′s version of the red Ferari convert better. Walnut interior, light brown calf leather upholstery – just a great car for tooling down the PCH!!!
    When in Italy one must go to Maranello and spend time at the Ferari museum there – Fantastic orgasm in motor head tech. They even moved old Enzo’s office and set the thing up there – was expecting to see Enzo walk by and plop down in his chair.

  5. seth1066 says:

    Zero to 62 miles an hour in 3.6 seconds… with just 235 Cubic inches. Amazing.

  6. postpartisandepression says:

    Absolutely gorgeous car but sorry I still think there is something obscene about a sports car that doesn’t have a stick shift.

    • Rift says:


      We are in the era of having the option to have Formula 1 technology in our daily / weekend cars. Dual clutch is the way to go; shifts are neck snapping fast and just as fun.

  7. slowkarma says:

    That is a great-looking car, but for the money, not really that much better-looking than the new Jags or Maseratis or even the Audi A5 convertible. Despite the name, you couldn’t really roll it in the sunny parts of California — took me 40 minutes to drive nine miles on the 210 out of LA last night, and at any given moment during that drive, you could go zero-to-sixty for about fourteen feet. But it’d be great between, say, San Bernardino and Vegas, or if you were a politician driving from LA to Sacramento through the Central Valley…

    There’s a story here on Bloomberg — — about the Chinese flooding into the LA area buying houses as hedges against whatever the Chinese think they have to hedge against. It’s true — the very affluent town of San Marino must be half Chinese now, but more to the point, the LA traffic, never good, has become almost crippling. I don’t have numbers, but my sense is that a lot of people are moving in.

  8. Livermore Shimervore says:

    I see this car and I think oral surgeon’s daily driver…zzz.. automatic Ferrari. :) No disprecty Bill you did a great job with my wisdom teeths.

    But…If I’m blowing Obama’s salary on an Italian, the supercar bargain is the Lamborghini Aventador.
    Ohlins, real deal push rod suspension and one of the few cars with an actual racing transmission:
    bang, bang, bang, hellooo 100 mph. Not this Porsche, Ferrari 458, California, Audit, etc. dual clutch transmission snoozer shift where you’re not *really* shifting… the computer’s thiking it over and deciding if you got it right or not, and then doing the shift for you.

    Aventador seriously held its own against the Bugatti Veyron and that thing is the Space Shuttle equivalent of sports car with its 74 radiators.