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11 Responses to “Industrial Re-Revolution”

  1. LeftCoastIndependent says:

    “In 1950 the GDP was $4T, in 2008 it is $61T. Do those numbers take into fact inflation ?

  2. VennData says:

    Now that Obama’s policies have ruined our oil dependent economy as the GOP correctly predicted…

    We have that niggling climate issue that ever dumb ass trader on the floor of the CME weighs in on in his two minutes of book talking on CNBC because “How can it be cold if there’s Global Warming?”

    Frack, Baby, Frack.

  3. Crocodile Chuck says:

    uh, the term ‘lean’ may date back to 1988, but it is based upon ‘just in time’ or ‘flow’ management philosophy and techniques first cultivated by Japanese manufacturers in the ’60′s and ’70′s, most notably by Toyota.

  4. ByteMe says:

    Hopefully in 100 years, we’ll see the ability to convert energy to matter in whatever form we want, so that we don’t need manufacturing plants at all, just a device called a “replicator”.

  5. hawaiianwaverider says:

    This fancy infographic leaves out a significant and increasing powerful aspect of the concurrent unfolding forces of: 1) the maker movement 2) crowdfunding 3) relaxing of local/private investment rules 4) open source technology being shared and leveraged and 5) the ability to make something one off and close to the end user ie print on demand. Lookup ponoko, makerbot, Maker faire, Make Magazine.

  6. carleric says:

    This progress is exactly why I am long robotics/automation…:)…

  7. 4whatitsworth says:

    It would be interesting to see the baby boomer effect on US industrial production (adjusted for inflation and per capita) compared to previous generations 1970-Today. I suspect that that story is very reflective of our times and not so rosy. Someone should write the book from entitlement to retirement the revolution that changed everything for the United States.

    As far as global warming now termed “climate change” story goes. The latest discovery is that pacific tradewinds cool the earth so when the tradewinds blow the earth gets cooler and when they don’t it gets warmer (yes it is pretty much that simple). We don’t know much about the tradewind patterns over long periods so there is no “normal” to baseline. Don’t get me wrong I want clean air and water however let’s make sure all the science is heard and weighed against economic realities.

    • RW says:

      “The latest discovery is that pacific tradewinds cool the earth so when the tradewinds blow the earth gets cooler and when they don’t it gets warmer (yes it is pretty much that simple).”

      Got a source for that? It sounds so terminally stupid it could even be true — maybe they’ve discovered a giant fan in outer space that can operate independently of atmospheric physics or something — but a source will help clarify.

  8. Biffah Bacon says:

    The Pacific Trade Winds don’t cool the earth; they stir up the ocean so that heat transfers more quickly to churning Pacific Ocean waters, increasing the temperature of the ocean. It is just turning on the jets in the hot tub to make the temperature even out by pushing the cold bottom water to the top where it can mix with the hot air and water.

    Lovelock says it is too late to stop the system from going into extinction mode by fifty years of carbon pollution and that our present suite of solutions are bandaids on machine gun wounds.–theres-NOTHING-says-climate-change-expert.html

  9. 4whatitsworth says:

    @RW&BIFF, Someone will need to put some math into this however ocean water filters sunlight so deep water is always going to be substantially cooler than surface water thus when the trade winds blow they will always bring up cooler water and that cools the earth. If you are looking to discredit my statement you could say that global warming slows trade winds.. I am sure the science world is working on proving that now. Imagine if all this thinking went into something that we could do something about.