Here, simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product. Lovely and well done.


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2 Responses to “Intention: Designed By Apple”

  1. cjb says:

    I had an Android. I just replaced it with an IPhone. Saturday, I called in a prescription to an automated line. I had to do various prompts on the keypad screen. With the Android (and older model) I would have to make sure the settings for the screen were set for 2 minutes or more. With the 5S, when the phone was against my ear, the screen was dark. When I moved it to prompt, it automatically lit to show the keys. I can’t say I get emotionally involved over the new phone; it just works. It works the way I’d design it, and I’ll never go back to an Android again.

  2. constantnormal says:

    the recent security kerfluffle does not seem to fit within this perspective … OTOH …

    Gates Spends Entire First Day Back in Office Trying to Install Windows 8.1 [The New Yorker]

    … I suppose we live in an imperfect reality, and should be happy when things work as intended, even if they do not do so all of the time …