It has been nearly half a century since Jaguar built a sports car. The new F-type shows the iconic British car company is serious about rebuilding its reputation for sports cars. Bloomberg’s Matt Miller spoke to Jaguar Vice President Jeff Curry about how the car is already boosting demand for the brand.

Meet Jaguar’s First New Sports Car in 40 Years

Source: Bloomberg Feb. 11 2014

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4 Responses to “Jaguar F-type Coupe R”

  1. Wade says:

    Finally, a replacement for my old E-type. Reviewers say the Porsche is a better car, and the Mercedes would be probably be more reliable, based on the ones I’ve owned, but the Jaguar is the one I want.

  2. MarkKlose says:

    How many potential cross-shoppers do they lose by not having a stick. I’ve had a stick in every daily driver I’ve owned for the last 45 years, I understand that the auto-manuals are much faster on the track and the only way to go when racing. But that’s not where 99 percent of these Jags will be driven. I know those of us who love manual transmissions are a dying breed but we’re not a nothing segment of the market for performance oriented cars.

    • dsawy says:

      Indeed, in a performance auto, which isn’t purchased for reasons of utility, mileage, etc – the designers should cater to the whims of the customer. The entire purchase of a car like this is on a whim.

      And on a high-end sports car, the last thing I want is a slushbox. A car like this should have at least a six-speed gearbox, eight would be better. If the car is going to cost more than $80K, then it better have the transmission I want.

      As for Jaguar getting back into the segment: Jags are cars for men who hate their wives and want an excuse to not have to spend Saturdays working on the “honey-do” list because they have to work on the Jag.

  3. Wade says:

    Dsawy, I’m not sure that your opinion generalizes.
    Personally, I bought the Jag because it was a beautiful car, and I was tired of driving the same junk that everyone else had. I always felt that it was worth the effort required to maintain it, despite its imperfections (did anyone say Lucas?). I love my wife (who is also beautiful), and bought the Jag eight years and five girlfriends before I met her. I did spend a lot of time working on the car, but that was actually good training, because both the car and my wife are fairly high maintenance. What makes the effort worthwhile is, when they are running right, they are hard to beat.