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14 Responses to “Microsoft Prescription: More Bill Gates”

  1. BennyProfane says:

    I’ll bet he doesn’t want the hassle. I’ll bet they went to a lot of CEO candidates, who politely told them “no, I don’t see the upside here, for myself or your company.” But, he’s stuck with it, in order to save his fortune.

  2. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    “under Bill Gates” and “under Steve Ballmer” could easily also be called “before and after anti-trustproceedings”.

    I wonder what the “under Bill Gates” curve would have looked like had Microsoft not dabbled in the quasi-illegal business practices that got them, and allowed them to maintain, the dominant marketshare?

  3. Bookman says:

    I think that by itself, those two charts are simplistic and possibly misleading. In the 90′s they were a revolutionary technology, but now the industry is more mature and there are more large players.

    Being late on the i-phone is another large factor but but there is no evidence that Bill Gates would necessarily have handled that any differently.

    No big innovator holds an effective monopoly forever.

  4. postpartisandepression says:

    Bookman is right – these graphs are completely misleading and you don’t usually do that.

    Gates was head when company was was new and exciting and peaked. Ballmer took over a mature business with lots of competition. This may reflect some bad decisions on his part but microsoft is still an almost 40 billion dollar business based on the graphs? Not something I would sneeze at.

  5. markssoapbox says:


    Bill Gates rode the wave, and bailed when his ship was heading toward the rocks. Now Balmer is getting the blame for something he could do little about.

    I would think that people in business, especially those that portray themselves as “market gurus,” would understand the difficulties Balmer faced.

    Bill Gates was ‘start up,’ and Balmer was ‘management.’ It’s not that difficult to understand.

  6. GeorgeBurnsWasRight says:

    If I was Nadella, I’d want to follow Ballmer more than Gates. The smartest career move is replacing someone who didn’t do a good job.

  7. “Parthasarathy, who left Microsoft in 2009 and now runs a Seattle startup called Indix, said we’re entering another golden age of software in which Nadella is particularly well suited.

    Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, CEO for a golden age of software (Seattle Times)

  8. Bob A says:

    If he was in on the decision to try to make windows users accept metro, with it’s hideous tiles and “charms”, I don’t see there’s much hope.