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6 Responses to “Robotics Industry Taxonomy”

  1. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    The early days of industrial robots, UniMate.

  2. ricecake says:

    We must have a brand new society or a brand new socialism system to go with the robotic revolution. Everyone’s guaranteed to get a basic living social security check every month no working needed. If you work you get pay on top of that. No one need to work unless if he want to. Let the robots do all the work.

    “where’s money come?” from you might ask. Well you tell your government to income tax the hell out of the robotic workers.

    People are not needed so don’t have children unless if you are confident that your child(ten) are great with the making, fixing, and working with the robots.

  3. constantnormal says:

    I missed seeing the AI portfolio manager in that taxonomy, or any other financial industry role. One would think that if software can perform medical diagnosis, and manage complex manufacturing processes, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to put a user-friendly front end on a trading bot, or an asset allocation system.

    Why is IBM wasting its time having Watson do things other than manage money?

  4. farmera1 says:

    Looks like even robots got laid off in 2009. I wonder if they collected unemployment insurance.

  5. [...] The second thing is that kids will need to learn how to be at home with technology in what they do. Technology will not suddenly disappear – instead, it will become more and more integrated into everything that we do. So why are still fidgeting about bringing it into the classroom? We fidget because we are uncertain about the process. And that is a damning conclusion when process is everything.  Steve Blank’s Udacity MOOC on “building a start up”. MOOC’s may be criticized, but not as a tool for laying out a vocabulary of a process. Like a taxonomy. In that vein, check out this “Taxonomy for Robotics“. [...]