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One Response to “1949 Talbot-Lago T26 Cabriolet”

  1. jbegan says:

    You can drop a couple of hundred thou on the Talbot, but there is a remarkably similar and much less expensive car, the 1947-1949 Triumph Roadster. They are available from $10,000 to $20,000 (and up of course). The Triumph has several positives style-wise; it has chrome headlights and exposed trumpet horns, and a unique split trunk lid. One half folds up and has a built in widshield, and the bottom opens back to form a back for the two ‘dickie seats’ in the trunk. The front is a bench seat that seats three, but with the dickies, you can fit 5. Here’ a link to for sales: and a page of various shots including the trunk etc:

    1948 triumph 1800 roadster – Google Search….0…1ac.1.35.img..0.15.1273.TPZ2eczddfo

    Mine is sitting 1/2 complete under a tree. Sadly, 40+ years ago, I met my wife the week after I disassembled it… And that’s the way it stayed through work, house projects and three kids..until she passed away. ;-)