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5 Responses to “The Future That Never Happened”

  1. This is so great. The perils of certainty in an uncertain world.

  2. an example of great, brand building, Advertising..

  3. victor says:

    1876, London, England: The enthusiasm about the telephone wasn’t shared in the UK. William Preece, chief engineer of the General Post Office, declared that the new gizmo was merely “a substitute for servants”.
    “There are conditions in America which necessitate the use of such instruments more than here,” he told a House of Commons committee.
    “Here we have a super-abundance of messengers, errand boys and things of that kind. The absence of servants has compelled America to adopt communications systems for domestic purposes. Few have worked at the telephone much more than I have, I have one in my office but more for show. If I want to send a message – I employ a boy to take it.”

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