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4 Responses to “The Shadow Lobbying Complex”

  1. Al_Czervik says:

    I follow commercial real estate markets closely. The office market in Washington D.C. is one of the strongest in the U.S. Doesn’t suggest any decline in influence peddling.

  2. USSofA says:

    Being naturally skeptical, I can see the payoff for someone coming from a relatively low bucks governmental legislative job going to a big bucks lobbying job but I wonder where the payoff is for someone coming from the high pay corporate world going to relatively low pay sub cabinet job.

    • postpartisandepression says:

      You’re not skeptical you are naive. Most of the time they are being sent in by the company to get something specific, make the contacts they need to, with the understanding they will be returning to their “real” jobs and compensated for the financial hit they had to take. Henry Paulson is a prime example, CEO of Goldman-Sacks , Treasury sec where he kind of screwed up his chances of returning to Goldman but he was in place to make sure that the first priority of the government was to make sure that the big banks and investment house didn’t fail and suffered no consequences for their own stupidity. Recent data show that the salaries of lobbyists with no government experience has remained steady since 1998 but that for lobbyists with some government experience has increased by 422% – tells the whole story.

  3. Al_Czervik says:


    It’s about making yourself more valuable for the eventual return to the corporate world. I can’t think of anyone who went from business to government and stayed there.