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2 Responses to “Twitter: Even More Polarized Than You Imagined”

  1. This is awesome, in a frightening way. The dysfunctional, can’t-make-a-deal polarization in Washington is reflected in the polarization of Twitter users. One is tempted to infer that the entire population is politically polarized. But I think it’s more likely that those people most willing to tweet about the highly political topics used for the analysis were highly polarized.

    If Congress and the political chattering class (or tweeting class?) can’t be bothered to sort out their differences and address the needs of the nation, the people should take charge and put things to votes directly. We have the technology to implement, for the first time at the 300-million person scale, a real direct democracy. There’s no reason we can’t implement online, secure, national, state and local voting systems, with paper backups or shared connections for those not personally online. Schools already assume that everyone has internet access. Why can’t the rest of the government?

  2. Mattw says:

    Can’t we just come together in the middle? No, we can’t. There are two views of the world with the middle being a combination of the two. But the middle is an intellectual mess.

    The modern liberal:

    1. Outcomes for people, groups or nations should be no better or worse than any other.
    2. Those that get ahead cheated in some way.
    3. Those that fall behind are victims (of #2.)

    Did you ever wonder why liberals like to punish success and reward failure?

    The conservative:

    1. Outcomes for people, groups or nations will not be equal (no better or worse than any other.)
    2. Those that get ahead are doing the right things.
    3. Those that fall behind are doing the wrong things.

    Wealth generally follows the 80-20 rule: 20% of the people will own 80% of the wealth.

    Yes, I know there are always exceptions to the rule. Don’t let the tail wag the dog.

    Those two views cannot meet in the middle.