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2 Responses to “Where the World’s Coffee Comes From”

  1. pielou says:

    Indonesia volcano,
    Ecuador volcano,
    Vietnam seems OK but who is drinking robusta anyway,
    So must be Brazil, people are not too happy lately and soccer World cup coming means nobody will work during the cup but nobody.
    Or is this because IT and manufacturing are shrinking, robots don’t drink coffee.
    sbux in washington legalized weed, cannabis coffee is up.

    “If It’s Raining in Brazil, Buy Starbucks”, i read that book… Is this why coffee going up and sbux is going down.
    that simple!? I’m rich, right…

  2. pielou says:

    it was just drought. everybody knows that by now.
    i wonder what is the ratio between the price of water and the price of coffee per cup.