Last call for St. Paddy’s day train reading:

• Jeremy Grantham is Learning to Live With a Stock Bubble (Barron’s)
• Rule Number One: Don’t Blow Up (Reformed Broker)
• Jony Ive Discusses Design Philosophy, Relationship with Steve Jobs, and Future of Apple (Mac Rumors)
• New York Strips London of Mantle as World’s Top Financial Center (Bloomberg)
• Adjustable-rate mortgages, key culprits of housing crisis, are back in vogue. But banks say this time is different. (WSJ)
• Considering QE, Mario? Buy US Bonds, Not Eurozone Bonds (Jeff Frankels Weblog)
• Big Company CEOs Just Aren’t Worth What We Pay Them (Forbes)
• Half of U.S. Business Schools Might Be Gone by 2020 (Businessweek)
• Buffett gets the better of everyone, version 4,762 (FT Alphaville)
• Bugatti-Driving 26-Year-Old Tied to Penny-Stock Website (Bloomberg) see also Want to ride a McLaren? Not going to happen. But have a look. (WSJ)

What are you reading?


Fresh Corporate Debt Sparks a Feeding Frenzy

Source: WSJ


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5 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. rd says:

    Putin is planning on sanctioining US senators and administration officials that are planning on visiting Russia. It makes me jealous that we can’t sanction our senators and other officials.

  2. Willy2 says:

    “ECB to buy US bonds” ? Why on earth should the ECB do that ? “Depreciate the Euro” ? Make the US bond bubble even larger ? Sheer nonsense !

    • Willy2 says:

      Jeremy Grantham has surrendered to the stock bubble ? Another good sign the stockbubble is maturing or already very mature ………

  3. Robert M says:

    “The reader can see my unusual notion of alternative accounting: $ 10 million earned through Russian roulette does not have the same value as $ 10 million earned through the diligent and artful practice of dentistry. They are the same, can buy the same goods, except that one’s dependence on randomness is greater than the other.”

  4. ch says:

    ECB buy Treasuries? Author needs to look more closely at what reserve asset makes up over half of ECB reserves…it ain’t Treasuries.

    It’s gold.

    A creditor continent looking to sell more stuff to other creditor continents doesn’t need to buy the debt of a debtor continent to weaken their currency.

    The creditors seem to prefer to deal in a reserve asset that doesn’t represent someone else’s IOU