Tuesday is complete.  Time for train reading on the way home:

• Zombie hordes thrive, await further hedge fund corpses (FT Alphaville)
• 3-to-1 Odds Favor Index Investors (Rick Ferri)
• Waze founder quits Google, starts financial-planning company (Venture Beat)
• Meet the Fed’s new intellectual powerhouse (Quartz)
• CNBC Put In Awkward Position As Bloomberg Partners With One Of The Hedge Fund Industry’s Biggest Conferences (Business Insider)
• The Takeaways from the Latest Fama-French Research (Advisor Perspectives)
• Who killed the plan to lower your taxes? (MarketWatch)
• Creativity vs. Quants (NY Times)
• I Work As a Writer For Reality Shows — Yes, they are loosely scripted (XO Jane)
• Is Surging Inequality Endemic to Capitalism? (New Yorker)

What’s for dinner?


Trading Winds Blow Cold For Some Hot Stocks

Source: WSJ


Category: Financial Press

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12 Responses to “10 Tuesday PM Reads”

  1. The one thing Putin didn’t anticipate . . .

    Ukrainian Women Have Launched a Sex Strike Against Russian Men (The Atlantic)


  2. rd says:

    New York was moved to Boston this year. No wonder you have been cold.


  3. rd says:

    BTW – I doubt if Plosser’s opinions are viewed seriously by the markets as I don’t think his 4% Fed Funds rate in 2016 has been priced in by Fama’s efficient market.


  4. willid3 says:

    court seems to think that shareholders dont matter. so much for the market huh?


  5. willid3 says:

    does the FED lead by one of the governors want a recession?


    and why do the duck one of their objectives? maybe its the we must punish every one routine again?

  6. willid3 says:

    if your readers dont get much from your news, maybe thats why news business is down?


  7. willid3 says:

    how to keep wages down.


    employers says your an independent contractor, never mind that you meet none of the rules of a contractor?

  8. cbatchelor says:

    Thoughts financial and business journalism from Gerard Baker, editor-in-chief Dow Jones and Company and managing editor of The Wall Street Journal:
    (links to google doc notes)

    “The financial crisis of 2008 then made newspaper editors question why they didn’t see it coming.”

    “…We generally avoid reporters breaking news on Twitter. We generally break to paying subscribers. It’s an interesting tension.”

  9. joey1984 says:

    Rick Ferrari article….talk about cherry picking your data to prove the conclusion you already made!!!

    Mr. Ferrari uses the 5 year period ending 2013 to show that active funds don’t outperform?! When you stack the deck like that how can you lose??? The S&P is up, what 170-180% from the low that occurred in early 2009?

    I wonder how that same five year period looked at the end of 2008????

    • Dude, its a link to an interesting piece. Calm TF down.

      Regardless, he is a Buy & Hold investor who advocate avoiding stock picking or market timing and suggests instead people simply do cheap long term investing.

      Whats your alternative to that for Mom & Pop?