My afternoon train reading

• Junk Bonds at $2 Trillion as Gundlach Pulls Back: Credit Markets (Bloomberg)
• ‘This Musk guy, he wants all the profits for himself’ (The Verge)
• Why New York AG wants curbs on high-frequency traders (MarketWatch)
• The great corporate cash-hoarding crisis (Al Jazeera America)
• Is Yahoo’s Business Worth Less Than Nothing? (Bloomberg View)
• A History of Bitcoin Hacks (The Guardian)
• 10 Unusual Things I Didn’t Know About Google (also: the worst venture capital decision in history) (Altucher Confidential) see also Apax Poised to Score 10,000% Gain on ‘Candy Crush’ IPO (Bloomberg)
• NSFW Chris Christie’s Filthy Laundry (Rude Pundit)
• Exclusive cover of Michael Lewis’ new book Flash Boys (GQ)
• The Satisfied Unsubsidized: Obamacare’s Hidden Winners (The Atlantic)

What are you reading?



The War on Drugs Fills Half of Federal Prison Cells

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17 Responses to “10 Wednesday PM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    a time when bankers actually realized that they really needed the country? as opposed to now, when its just a convenience for them?

  2. S Brennan says:

    Yes Sherman, Pakistan’s ISI provided logistical & military support to Al Qaeda. Yes Sherman, they hid Osama in what would be their CIA headquarters. Yes Sherman, they chauffeured him about as he organized terrorist activities against the USA…and yes Sherman, the USA still supports Pakistan, openly mocking those that died in the September 11th attack.

  3. Slash says:

    I think Musk is kind of a douche, but the spectacle of auto dealers crapping bricks of outrage over his greed is amusing.

    If I could buy a car over the internet by clicking a button and then it’s delivered to me like something from Amazon, I’d do it in a heartbeat. As far as I can tell, the only thing car dealerships add to the equation is financial sodomy and wasted time. If all car dealerships disappeared tomorrow, nothing of value would be lost.

    Signed, someone who bought a car last year from one of the biggest car dealers in Texas

  4. swag says:

    Most ATMs will remain on Windows XP after Microsoft pulls plug on OS support

    “More than six out of 10 ATM machines in the country will be running on an obsolete operating system when Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows XP support on April 8, raising serious security and compliance issues for the systems’ operators.”

    • willid3 says:

      remember that Target breach? those were windows machines too.
      but then what else are you going use? Linux? nope. Unix? nope? OS X? nope. AIX? nope. what most of the banks did was get the cheaper OS they could get, for the cheapest hardware.

      cause there are almost 500,000 of these machines

  5. willid3 says:

    guess magic will happen. sales will rise, jobs wont. nor will incomes

    not sure how that really works out. since consumers are about 99% employees and they dont exactly see much reason to do more than absolutely necessary. course then some of the CEO’s might be in the renters business and dont really care they can raise their prices. until that fails of course

  6. romerjt says:

    Reading – John Feinstein – “Where Nobody Knows Your Name” life in TpleA – RU a Met fan

  7. GoBigRed says:

    In the last week I read The Story of the Human Body:Evolution, Health, and Disease by Daniele E Lieberman of Harvard University and The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business by Christopher Leonard of the New America Foundation. To excellent reads. Leonard’s book should be required reading for anyone who thinks vertical integration is how we want our companies structured. However, I think the title over reaches; it’s mostly about Tyson.

  8. Willy2 says:

    Jeff Gundlach & Howard Marks are only now pulling back from buying corporate bonds ? What took them so long ?

    • Willy2 says:

      There were already a number of signals that the funding costs for corporate bond issuers were much to low.

  9. rd says:

    More on the supposed scientist and engineer shortage:

    There is a big difference between people who can do calculations and people who can solve problems. You are not necessarily going to get more of the latter by making more of the former.

    However, we should have many more people who are fluent in science and mathematics in general. They will be more likely to understand their personal finances to improve their personal lives and overall societal resilience and to better comprehend public policy issues for when they are voting.