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4 Responses to “Audit of the Department of Justice’s Efforts to Address Mortgage Fraud”

  1. rd says:

    They got the title wrong. There did not appear to be “efforts”.

    Possible retitling:
    “Audit of the DOJ’s Inadvertent and Accidental Investigations of Mortgage Fraud”

    But it will be ok. It is likely that the same cast of characters are committing new crimes that will be exposed in the next market crash. They will get a second chance to prosecute a new batch of crimes with a new set of statute of limitations deadlines.

  2. A says:

    The Wall Street executives and their legal teams are probably enjoying a good laugh.
    Such incompetence. Such blatant corruption.

    God bless America.

  3. slmasker says:

    Thank you, Barry, for bringing this information to your readers. The report adds to the sense that major parts of the US government have little interest in the stated activities they claim to pursue and instead pursue unstated agendas we are not privy to.

    However, NSA activities, which they pursue 24/7 with all desired resources and no constitutional limits applied, make it very risky to say anything about the continued stream of information similar to the report above. I am becoming uncomfortably numb, deaf and dumb from a vague sense of dread and fear. This seems to be the correct and compliant response desired from us. Quiet desperation in the face of the overwhelming power wielded by the government, the NSA, and global financial institutions.

    Most people in responsible positions in the government are not stupid or incompetent, and perhaps not corrupt in the standard, personal gain sense of the word. However, it appears many in power are going in another direction than most American citizens have discussed or agreed to.

  4. Herman Frank says:

    As a rule of thumb we are never afraid of what the lone wolf can do, you see the damage, follow the trail, capture and prosecute the wolf. Daily job, dime a dozen.

    HOWEVER! We are scared to death, tremble in our shoes, turn pale about “COLLUSION within an organization!” Whether the organization is the mob, a government agency or agencies, or a business large or small. “The tag-teams of collusion” can perform criminal acts “in plain sight”; be seen to do their heinous crimes large and small …. and get away with it!

    If only there were one case, it could be morally and economically corralled, but “the getting away with large scale nation-wide crime by a group of industry” undermines the confidence of the public in anything the law and its enforcing institutions stand for. THAT is more damaging than the economic damage, because it undermines the basis of our civil society “The Law is NOT the same for all”.

    Collusion by the industry together with the enforcing agencies puts the ax to our society at large.
    Shame on anyone who stands idle!