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3 Responses to “Basic Wine Guide”

  1. Mr.Tuxedo says:

    “Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.”
    -Benjamin Franklin

    NCAA bracket lamentations to all……imbibing on a vessel of some Côtes du Rhône Parallele 45
    red wine .
    A yellow highlighter which advances my correct picks is getting only sporadic use.

  2. RW says:

    Not sure I’ve ever sampled a Pinot Noir that would, as the chart asserts, be considered a “Light Red.”

    • supercorm says:

      Pinot Noir are usually light red if they come from South Burgundy. Not sure how the Pinot Noir from the new world compare to the old world, but Pinot Noir (from Burgundy) is what I drink early in the summer while you drink, for exemple, heavier Côte du Rhone in the fall …

      My best discovery in a long time is a Pinot Noir from Gal Tibor, from Hungary. Gal Tibor was a oenologist working for great italian winemaker and decided to do his own wine. He unfortunately dies in a car accident in 2004 I think, but his wine are still unknown and the Pinot Noir is the nuts …