What Would Our Economy Be Like Without QE?

Ritholtz Wealth Management CIO Barry Ritholtz discusses what the U.S. economy might’ve looked like without the Fed’s quantitative easing. He speaks with Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”


We’re Not at a Market Top

Ritholtz Wealth Management CIO Barry Ritholtz discusses whether or not the U.S. stock market is in a bubble. He speaks with Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

Source: Bloomberg, March 21 2014

Category: Media, Video

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9 Responses to “BloombergTV: QE & Market Tops”

  1. TDHawk says:

    We may not be at a top. But someone is at a crush top.

  2. chartist says:

    I got to admit, sitting across from Trish Regan would leave me a bit tongue tied as she is lovely.

    As for Mr. Market, we made a slight new intraday high on Friday with a non confirmation in the daily MACD. This has set up for a pullback in the past.

  3. milkman says:

    Krugman caused the housing bubble? You were very gentle on these two today Barry…

  4. RW says:

    In the first segment Matt and, to a lesser degree, Trish demonstrate Dunning-Kruger effect nicely (hard to believe anyone is ignorant enough to believe that Paul Krugman convinced Greenspan of anything, anytime, anywhere).

    Tough to make cogent points when your interlocutors don’t understand the topic well enough to ask focused questions or have a habit of interrupting with irrelevancies but you did your best and most of it came through.

  5. spencer says:

    When you get all these arguments against QE why don’t you ask the opponents if they can cite a single historic example of higher interest rates stimulating any economy.

    If they can’t they believe in fairy tales.

  6. noahmckinnon says:

    Weird. Now I can see the videos, but it looks like they have to completely load before I can play them. Too much of a delay for this Speedy Gonzales. I maintain my preference for embedded Youtube videos. Playback as soon as enough is in the buffer.

  7. WKWV says:

    Paul Krugman convinced Alan Greenspan to keep rates low in the early 2000s? Really? Krugman had so much influence in DC during the Bush administration? Yeah sure! My opinion of Matt Miller is way lower than it was beFore.

  8. theLorax says:

    When you rob Peter to pay Paul you can count on Paul’s support.

  9. DeDude says:

    A couple of ignorant blow hard fools get an expert on their program and when he says something that challenge their little primitive ideologically driven universe they dismiss it with body language and stupid postulates, rather than challenging it with questions based on knowledge and insights. If you have a guest that challenge conventional “visdom” you want to probe the basis for what he is saying not just let the viewers know that YOU the “journalist” (the source of all wisdom?) disagree with him. As a viewer I want different opinions challenged on their merits not on “I am a TV host and I don’t like what you are saying and “name-drop” also disagree with you”.