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2 Responses to “Current Five-Year Bull Market Second Strongest Since WWII”

  1. nofoulsontheplayground says:

    Denis Ouellet, Bearnobull blog, March 10, 2014:

    “The Wizard of Odds” (He mistakenly put 2013 instead of 2014 on the date)

    His last chart on corporate insider buy/sell ratio is very nice. It would be even better if it went back further than Jan. 2007.

    His New$ and View$ from March 10 is also chock full of great charts and data:

  2. supercorm says:

    Totally agreed with the insider buy/sell ratio. Nice chart that one …

    Macro side of the story remain intact (housing story still positive with housing starts at about 1 million per year when you have 1.4 million household formation, 600k second home and 300k démolitions … the demand is naturally there … automobile industry, there are still pent up demand and lots of new models and renewals hitting the road … manufacturing renaissance theme remain intact).

    Valuation side is different with almost every metrics saying we’re through the roof. P/E Wise seems elevated a little, but thats with a optimistic Outlook, margins expectations to remain at record levels (although the weak dollar, lower wages, lower rates and lower effective tax rate might not contribute to support margins as much going forward).

    Sentiment Wise, the latest insider buy/sell chart, combined with the fact retail investors are buying aggressively tru E-Trade and Ameritrade since December does not bode well.

    Thats all without talking about China, having its Bear Stearns moment here and there, awaiting the Lehman catalyst …. $12 trillion credit growth (60% tru shadow banking) does weigh on stock market, and $1.3 trillion in treasuries in China that could potentially add to supply while the Fed is looking for a exit could send rates easily tru 3%, especially now that that pension funds are done with reallocations, which sent bonds from 3.0% to 2.6% lately, but nothing to prevent going tru 3% now …

    I feel better now after that rant … thx !