Zion’s Bank — really?

Fed “Stress Test” Results

Source: WSJ

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6 Responses to “Fed “Stress Test” Results”

  1. gordo365 says:

    I’m starting to think like Barry. Is there any evidence that past stress tests were an effective indicator of actual bank resiliency in a stressful environment?

  2. ByteMe says:

    And we believe that the banks didn’t lie about or obfuscate their numbers… why?

  3. Futuredome says:

    Well 2013 did not have particularly good results. 2014 was much improved.

  4. Crocodile Chuck says:

    Bank capital: ‘Nobody knows anything’


  5. rd says:

    They needed one sacrificial lamb to put on the altar to prove they were serious.

    It is probably not a coincidence that it is called “Zions” Bank. I wonder if their logo is a golden calf?

  6. dsawy says:

    Zion’s Bank is operated out of Utah and was set up at the behest of Brigham Young in the 1870′s.

    The LDS Church had a major interest in Zion’s until the 1960′s sometime.

    I’ve dealt with them, and when I did, I thought they were one of the more conservative banks I’ve dealt with. They were pretty good about not putting all their loans into a single sector – they spread their loan portfolio out among commercial, housing, construction, farming/ranching (land, equipment and operating loans) and so on.