Seafood, aka the Mercedes of food, is deemed an inappropriate food source for America’s low income diners.

What Not To Buy

Daily Show 04:09


Herman Cain struggles to define food stamp assistance, and Fox News shares a myriad of concerns surrounding welfare and its intended use.

What Not To Buy – What Would Jesus Soil


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3 Responses to “Food Stamps: What Not To Buy”

  1. ByteMe says:

    If it weren’t for all those Fox News watchers with severe cognitive dissonance, how would we ever find someone on the other side of that great stock trade?

    Considering the average age of the Fox News watcher, the old cliché should be: “there’s a sucker dying every minute”.

  2. VennData says:

    ByteMe’s onto something. Fox News dependents, I will sell you back those broad market index ETFs I picked up in ’09, ’10, ’11 one of these days.

    Takr it upon yourself to reject government handouts on your own.

  3. Expat says:

    I will come back to America when you idiots burn down Fox News headquarters and ship all the Fox workers to Foxxcon.