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3 Responses to “History of Life”

  1. RW says:

    Very nicely done. The “Long Ago” label was clever.

  2. Dogfish says:

    Beautiful graphic. Does it look like “present day” uses a different projection than the other “continental drift event” images to anyone else? At first I thought maybe it just changed that much, but the first 3 images are all 40 million years apart…

  3. johnnywalker says:

    Very nice graphic. I see two minor problems with the time scale, which might be confusing. First, the Precambrian (4600-542 MYA) occupies about as much space on the diagram as the Cenozoic (65 MYA-present). This minimizes the large amount of time between the formation of the earth and the appearance of more complex life forms like trilobites. Second, the graphic representation of the Quaternary implies, but does not explicitly state, that human civilization has been around for 2.5 MY. Human civilization arose at most 10,000-20,000 years ago, which would be a very narrow sliver of time at the right edge of the Quaternary on the diagram.